What we do

I See! Video has great ways of doing what you want

Video productions will be tailored to the budget, the deadline, and the purpose, and we will tell you in writing prior to production. I See! Video brings a high level of skill and knowledge to this process developed during many years of television and commercial production experience.

We can manage as much of the project as you need

The range of component services needed to author Audio/Visual Communication on offer are:

And you are in charge

I See! Video will refer back to the you throughout the production process; to make sure what we are making is on track, no surprises. Changes made during this process will be within the parameters set up in the written agreements.

With the format matching the task

The finished video can be delivered in the format that is easiest and most effective for its purpose. That can be on DVD, CD ROM, videotape (digital or analog), available on your web site, or supplied to a broadcaster to store on a hard drive.

Have your video reach the world via your website

I See! Video can host your video so it can be played directly from your website for your clients and potential clients. This service is very easy for both you and your website visitors, and at unrivalled low cost. See the Portfolio Page for examples.

I See! Video will keep to deadlines and budgets.

These will be arrived at in detail in pre-production planning meetings, and spelt out in writing prior to production.

And that's not the end

I See! Video will archive your projects and when the video is in use we will keep in touch with the you by phone or email. This will be to help with, how to use strategies, and analysis of the projects strengths and weaknesses, plus concepts for the future, especially up dating or re-editing for a new purpose